About Us

Spiroski Foods is an Australian owned family business dedicated to serving the Australian food industry. Also trading as Marco Polo Foods in Melbourne and Perth, the company was established over 30 years ago and is an importer and wholesaler of specialty foods and beverages from Europe and around the world.

Spiroski's customers include Woolworths, Coles, Franklins, Aldi and most independent grocers across Australia. It's leading brands include Kras, Kelly's, Jaffa, Delamaris, Rauch, Granini, Drava, Garden Fresh, Richter, Vallee, Black Rabbit, Rolnik, Gerolsteiner, RUF, Sarajevski Kiseljak, Prolom, Pionir, and many more…

Brand owners all over the world have partnered with Spiroski seeking to share many successes the company has achieved in over 30 years of developing grocery brands in Australia. Its dedication to food excellence has given many international brand names household status all over Australia.

The company's vast distribution network and geographical positioning allows it to market its range Australia wide reaching some of the continents remotest areas. A remarkable achievement considering the country's land mass is 50% larger than all of Europe.
Spiroski Foods Pty Ltd is a certified HACCP and WQA supplier. We strive to continually improve our quality, guaranteeing our customers products which are of a high standard and acceptance, second to none. Quality, integrity and value are the results of Spiroski Foods commitment to safety programs and training

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